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Invalid Geometry in the file created from saving deformed simulation results

Question asked by John Laughlin on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello SolidWorks Community!


So I am attempting to save the deformed results of a simulation, in which I'm denting a steel 8in pipe segment for further simulations. I have been following the very helpful instructions from the following web page:


The result successfully saves as a new file, but the deformed body is significantly different than the original simulation body and has invalid geometry (the denting body overlaps into the pipe wall).


The webpage lists a few possible solutions:


For the last 2 outcomes, you will need to go back to the model, and simplify the bodies if possible (get rid of unwanted tiny features and details).  Also check if finer mesh is utilized on important details, and where it will deform the most in the model.


The bodies are as simple as I can make them, and the mesh, I believe, is as fine as I can make it. Any tips on how I can get a better saved deformed body?


Thanks a Bundle!


Here are some screenshots of my issue:

8Inch Dented Pipe.png

Invalid Geometry.jpg