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Purchased part with additional holes only for that particular project: how to treat it?

Question asked by Manuel Zenyth on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by Jamil Snead

Hi to all of you!


I' ve got a little problem, that i'd like to discuss with you, and i sincerely hope you can help me..


I've got to order a processed part to another department, obtained from a purchased one (code ab-123456) with some additional holes. How would you treat it, in a situation like this? I'm finding a way to treat in the best way but i'm not able to find one..


I need to see in the BOM both the purchased part and the process of the holes, in order to say to the PO "buy that part" and to the Department "make these holes"


The solutions i'm considering are these:


- creating a new part with another code (but for the production is not good, cause they are not able to manage the stock of the parts)

- creating a configuration with a suffix (but i cannot manage the stock as well)

- creating an assembly with the part, and making the additional holes at assembly level (i obtain processed part, and purchased part, but seems complicated)

- creating a new part, inserting the purchased part,making the holes and working with cut list


What do you suggest?


Also, what kind of code you will use to describe that it's a processed old part?


Thanks for the help!