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    "Bring to front" command like in AutoCAD?

    Paul Stephens

      Is there a comand like Autocads "Bring to Front"? I have an issue with lines bleeding through a spline I created the spline to represent a cable run. When the drawing is printed the spline is broken by the lines from the model view. I need the spline to be created in the drawing and cannot create a 3d cable in the model.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm not at all familiar with this type of problem, but I believe I read recently in the forums that someone had the opposite problem that they solved using layers. (They wanted something to be "behind" the lines in the drawing.) As I recall, the trick was to put the information that you wanted in front on a layer that was at the bottom of the layer order; that is, the layer order seems to be backwards from what one would expect.


          Jerry S.