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    Who can explain me step by step how to create a macro?

    Thomas Schmidt

      Hello friends of the macro programming ,


      I've decided for a long time to learn to macro programming. I have not found a proper introduction to the macro programming.

      I would like to understand how to address the steps and why. For this API forum I create a video with 8 steps.

      Who could tell me from the video how the macro should look like?

      Which command line in the macro causes what?


      I want to understand in the first step, how to write the macro with fixed parameters.

      Fixed parameters are for me, for example:

      • There is always the sketch 5 with offset of 20mm and the 4 points. (001.jpg)


      • There is always the hole wizard, with the type: Drill sizes / Size: 10mm / End Condition: Up to Next. (002.jpg)

      • There is always the feature Sketch Driven Pattern, with the selected sketch 5 and the Feature to Pattern (hole wizard) (003.jpg)