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Can the bodies in one weldment part reconise the bodies in another?

Question asked by Nick Hayman on Jun 7, 2014

Evening all,


Im trying to get my head around the best way to use weldments for the type of work i do.


I seem to be creating different parts at the start of a job which will turn out to be the same at the end of a job. Meaning a weldment body from one part wont reconise a weldment body from another and treat them as the same body like you would normaly see in a multi body part. I think? So at the moment i have to guess which parts are the same and which will be different. Difficult.


Example would be 20 posts set out in a square (on plan) with some sort of infill or fencing panel in between. Not all the posts are the same and i wouldnt know this up front. What would my best course of action be to create this and not have two drawings of different parts which are the same. At the moment i have to guess which posts are the same and which will be different.


Lets assume that the post would be a part in an assembly. The actual post would be a 100x100x3 shs modelled using weldments. Some of the posts will have holes. Some will not. Some will be 1000mm long and some 1500mm long.


In an ideal world id like to start off with one post and if they become different i can alter this at the time without removing the post and replacing it with another part and assembly of a post.


As this is a single body post im wondering if configurations would be the best route?


Any help welcome!