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    GenerateViewPaletteViews Method (IDrawingDoc)

    Checkcheck Master

      Hi there,


      In a macro I populate the View Palette with the available drawing views from a model with:

      value = instance.GenerateViewPaletteViews(FileName)


      This works fine however it seems that SW is increasing the drawing view number with the available views from the view palette.

      For example, the macro is putting a standard 3 view collection on a drawing, the drawing views are 'Drawing View1', 'Drawing View2' and 'Drawing View3', just what I've been expected.

      Now when I add an, for example, projected view from one of the existing views the next drawing view is called 'Drawing View16, 17, or 18', depending on the amount of views on the View Palette.


      Without populating the View Palette the next drawing view will be 'Drawing View4'.


      When the drawing is coming from SW by 'Make Drawing from Part/Assembly ?' the drawing view numbers are not increasing depending on the View Palette. 


      Anyone knows how to populate the View Palette without increasing the drawing view number for the next view ?


      Thanks in advance.



      Greetings !