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    Beam reaction sensor in Design Study?

    Justin Strempke

      I've tried about everything to no avail.  Is there a way to add a sensor to a simulation beam model to report reaction loads in a Design Study?


      Seems not, as sensor needs to be set up in the modeling window and, as beams themselves can be chosen there, joints cannot as they're contained in the sim study (Beams are to, I'd think, since you can choose either beam or solid element on a part...).

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          Jared Conway

          have you checked the solidworks kb? looks like to me it does not exist currently


          Ability to plot the reaction force at a selected location when creating a design study



          haven't really played with deisgn studies lately, i assume you've already looked for the plot called reaction force right

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              Justin Strempke

              There is an option to place a sensor for a free body force or connector force on solid bodies, but not reaction force.  Haven't dug through KB yet either, would think the ability for a reaction force between solid and beam joint would be separate.  Will talk to my VAR in that case, maybe do a enhancement request...


              And I thought when you were in a design study and chose a run result, that when you went back into the associated simulation study that it's supposed to retain the inputs from said design study?  At least that was I can go the long way around and plot reactions one at a time, as tedious as it sounds.  When I go back into the study it always reverts to the last scenario run..