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Mysterious Moving Context

Question asked by Angela Bamblett on Jun 6, 2014
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I'm using SW2012 and a Workgroup PDM server. We're having a lot of collaborative issues with "master models" that work on my computer not working on other computers if others try to download from PDM and open the file.


I'm starting to think this is a setting on my own computer that is NOT making it check references when I load and work with the master, so in essence it's broken when I upload it, but I just don't see it on my computer because it overlooks the broken references. Alternatively, could it be that somehow the references are breaking (going out-of-context) when I upload it, again because of an incorrect setting on my computer?


I know it's not a problem with renaming the context files; they have never had their names changed and the pointing is correct. I know it's not missing files in the upload to PDM; they are up there.


In System Options I have:

File Locations = set to my local working directory, where PDM puts all files it downloads


External References = Load referenced documents: Never (today changed to Prompt)

     = check "Search file locations for external references"

     = Update out-of-date linked design tables to: Prompt

     = check "Update component names when documents are replaced"

     = check "Show "x" in feature tree for broken external references"


Performance = check "verification on rebuild (enable advanced body checking)"

     (and other checkboxes that I doubt have any impact on this)


Can you please suggest any other settings I should tweak? Also, I would love to better understand how these external references could go out-of-context without a name change. I'm terribly confused about why I can "Open in Context" just fine, yet the part file thinks it can't rebuild the links. I've read around, and I don't see the answer I'm looking for.


Thanks in advance,