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    Recover Flow Simulation Solver Window Info?

    Bjorn Sorenson

      I'm guessing this function either doesn't exist, or it's right under my nose and I just can't find it.  I'd like to recover the solver window info (particularly time it took to run the study) from a Flow Simulation.  So far as I can tell, once you close the solver window, it's gone.  Does this get saved as it's own file or something?  I'm using Flow Simulation 2009.  Thanks!

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          Jared Conway

          time to solve, yep, rmb on the results item in the tree and choose summary

          otherwise, most of the info is lost, some is recoverable in the report or if you just launch the solver

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            Boyko Tchavdarov

            Do you mean to recover the LAYOUT of the Solver Monitor? - That was my enhancement suggestion implemented in SW1012.
            If that is the case, then:

            - arrange the Solver monitor Layout the way you want to have for all your runs for a particular Project;

            - from the Main Menu bar of the Solver Monitor Select View/Layout and save your preferable layout under custom name

            - any time you start a nee run of another model (the original model will remember the Layout if run again) go to View/Layout/Read and you will get exactly the same layout of the Solver Monitor as it was saved. The only thing you have to adjust is the sliding bars of Preview Window to get a proper image of the previews if the new model is quite different from the original model under which the Layout was saved,


            As far as Solver Result Data/Plots:

            - for goal values and convergence right click on Goal Plots in the Results Tree and insert (check( the goal which you want to be exported in the Excel

            - use the Report Options for other results data and plots.