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    hello to all

    Nadav Aharon


      i need to make a simulation of impact test for my prjoect.

      my question is how can i simulate a hammer hitting a test speicmen that is held in place

      thanks for your replies

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          Philip Martell


          you can use the drop test analysis to simulate impact testing. you can bulid the test specimen and hammer and join the them using assembly and the drop them on a rigid surface at a predetermined speed.

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              Nadav Aharon

              hi philip

              i have seen the drop test as a way solving my problem, i will try this way

              if there are any another ways to solve my problem i'll be happy to know

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                  Jared Conway

                  have you searched the forum? thsi has been discussed multiple times, here are the general recommendations

                  1. static analysis, eliminates the dynamic part, force would need to be multiplied to account for the impact force

                  2. drop test > is out of the question here because it doesn't allow you to hit one component against another

                  3. linear dynamic, time history > make the impact force a sharp force

                  4. nonlinear dynamic > actually allows you to have a hammer hit it


                  be weary that the last one is high computational time and requires some experience to get to work

                  evaluate what you want to learn and what level of accuracy to choose an approach