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    Auto-updating of Bend Lines and Notation

    David Demaria

      Hi All,


      Have just created a new drawing document for a simple sheetmetal part which had all bend detail lovingly placed and arranged. Upon making several changes to the bends in the part document, I noticed that the bend line detail in the drawing view hasnt changed. Other views and angular dimensions have updated but only the flat pattern view is stubborn. Double clicking the incorrect notification warns that making changes will break the parametric relationship to the geometry (understandably). The image below shows the reinserted model below the original view which refuses to update.


      Has this always been the case? Do I need to force a model update here or is it a matter of getting rid of the view and recreating it from scratch? (quietly thinking back to all the times I've carried out this process over the years and wondering why I've only noticed it now)