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Bulk Change of Revision Scheme

Question asked by Danielle Ohallisey on Jun 6, 2014

I am tasked with moving over 8000 files into a new vault this weekend, and just realized that our changing the revision scheme is creating a potentially huge problem.   Existing files were all created with the revision scheme being alpha-character only; so revs A, B, etc.  We used the + sign for work in progress.  Now we want to use a system with the primary field being alpha  but the secondary field will be numerical, so the first rev of a new file will be A00, then A01, etc. until it is released, then it becomes B00.  There will be no working copy character.


When I try to bulk import the files they fail to read the revision from the existing Revision field because it is not the correct format.  Or, they read it correctly (when I massage the check boxes in the vault admin tool correctly) to import with the original revision, such as 'F', but then when that file is edited and saved back in it screws up and wants to change the rev back to A00, because the current Revision does not match the new scheme...

I need a macro or batch file (preferably) to run through the folder where they're stored, seek out the Revision field, add the characters '00' to the end of the revision and just save them back into the same folder.  Then when I bulk check-in, the files will have revisions matching the new scheme and all will check in smoothly.


Anybody out there got the skills to whip that up, or do you have any thoughts on another way to do this?  Would the Task Scheduler offer a path to a solution?