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Part configurations with multiple materials

Question asked by Len Starrenburg on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by Len Starrenburg

Hi All,


I am looking for some direction as to a method of setting up a series of common items each available in several materials.


As an example, take a set of pipe flanges, sized 1/2" to 24" available as A105N, 304L SS or 316L SS.  I can create a design table containing each flange size specification, which lets me pick the flange I need but how can I set it up to also select the desired material?  I have looked at derived configurations or repeating the flanges in the design table for each material.  This creates a lot of duplication of the same information.  I could create separate part files for each flange size and configure the materials or create a configured part file for all flange sizes and a single material.


Any experienced thoughts as to best deal with this?