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New to SW. part shows fully defined, but won't complete the extrusion?

Question asked by Jason Parker on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Kelvin Lamport

I'm working on building some conduit anchors for concrete.  I have multiple configurations in my model.  My first size (0.50") models just fine with equasions in place.  The second size I've added (0.75") shows a fully defined sketch with updated equation numbers from my equation table.


When I activate the 0.75" configuration, and return to the feature manager, the Boss-Extrude1 is greyed out, and the Sketch1 is shown solid, but there's no model in the display area!  If I edit the sketch by right clicking on the feature manager, my sketch appears as fully defined, everything looks proper, but exiting the Sketch command the wireframe and solid disappears!  Any help for this newbie of what's going on here?  I can't find anything remotely similar googling for results!!! Please help!