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Some documents are incompletely represented in EPDM2011 Viewer

Question asked by Chris Werner on Jun 5, 2014


We are using EPDM 2011 and some of our drawings (created with SW2010) are not accurately represented in the Preview pane in SolidWorks PDM Search results window. When the document is opened by a person with Viewer, Contributor or Editor permissions, he or she will note that the drawing is incompletely represented meaning both part lines and dimension lines are missing. I have opened the model in SW and "Rebuilt" it many times but that doesn't seem to help. The sample drawing that I selected in the attached file does have a "Motion Study" in it's model file that is somewhat different than most of our other models.


We are seeing this phenomenon in a small number (dozens?) of our drawings. We have ~1,500  to 2,000 models and drawings in our Vault, and most work just fine.


I have checked to make sure that the users have not installed additional or newer copies of eDrawings as this was noted as a potential cause of similar problems. This was KB S-040655.


It may be that we are doing something different in certain SW models and/or drawings and that might cause this issue.


Any comments will be appreciated.


Chris Werner