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structural member simulation... displacement values?

Question asked by Jack Potter on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Jared Conway


So Iv built a selection of tubes (structural weldments) into a front crash structure for a racing car, using no weld gaps and all as one part.


When I try to analyse the crash structure i select a force onto two of the front beams and fix specific parts of the structure.

It simulates and all is fine.

But the values given are a bit confusing and Iv been reading on here what they may mean but have seen different. I just wanted to confirm what the values mean and therefore if they sound appropiate to the force I am excerting, On Friday (Tomorrow) I will upload some screenshots and if possible the file...


For displacment if my value was...

6.34e-002 (URES mm)


Would this translate as...

6.34 * 10 then to the power of -2 = 0.631mm        or...


6.3 * (4*10) then to the power of -2 = 2.52mm


Then again I could be totally wrong!