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Perpendicular lines refuse to create an elbow

Question asked by Spenser Good on Jun 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by Peter De Vlieger

Hey everybody, SolidWorks dummy strikes again. A little bit of background...started at a new company about a month ago, with very limited solidworks background, am in the position of leading piping design for a small project. My predecessor left behind an unorganized custom routing components library, with some components built correctly, and some not. In frustration, I have resorted to ignoring the routing add on and am instead just using mates, and extrudes to create my routing assemblies, luckily it is a small project so this is not a huge detriment at the moment. However, sometimes I am forced to edit routes created by my predecessor using the add on. I have just spent at least an hour trying to add an elbow to the route pictured below, however when i add a perpendicular line to the 3d sketch defining the route it results in a rebuild error and the elbow is not built. Also, within the sketch I see the fillet appears as bright read, while the other elbows appear as grey, could somebody give me some possible ideas as to what is going on? i blieve my library is routed to the right parts, not sure what is happening.