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Installing Workgroup PDM for first time, need clarification

Question asked by Derek Anderson on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by Derek Anderson

Hi everyone, a quick question regarding the Workgroup PDM setup.  My goal is to have the "Vault" on our company network, and all of our users be able to store their files there.


I understand each user needs to check the add-in "PDM works" in Solidworks.


One user will install the "PDM Admin" to configure the Vault.


Here is where I am hung up.  I go to the Installation Manager, then  to server products, then click "PDM Server (vault).  On the next screen it shows the installation locations.  I hit "Change", and then I get options for "Installation Location" and "Vault Data Location." 


I am guessing the Installation location is my PC, and the Vault Data Location is the Network location?


Also, do all users need to do this process?  I would assume so.  Thanks!