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Structural member configurations

Question asked by Colin Bluett on Jun 5, 2014

I've seen a similar post to this ( though in the past it didn't seem to come to a resolution. What I'm wondering is, is it possible to drive the "configuration" so to speak, of a structural member selection using a design table. Just as if you type "$configuration@part file<1>" for example, into a design table, it will yeild a drop list of all available configurations saved within that part. I'm not sure if this is possible given that part file configurations are all stored within a single part file, as opposed to structural member .libparts being stored as multiple files within sub folders. I can access a portion of the file data, e.g. structural members resultant cut length though the parts "Cut list(1)" table, however I can't see a property denoting selection configuration within this table. I've got a clunky work around in place, would just be quicker & easier to have the "configuration" drop box method for other users. Thanks in advance