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    Bug report: deleting erroneous edges from Fillet/Chamfer feature

    Zach Martin

      - I see a Fillet or Chamfer has a red-X error because one or more affected Edges no longer exists.

      - I click Edit Feature.  I want to reselect new edge(s) to be Filleted or Chamfered.

      - under Items To Fillet/Chamfer I see the green ***Missing Edge*** item.

      - I click the ***Missing Edge*** item

      - press delete key to remove it.  No response!

      - click the Missing Edge a SECOND time

      - press delete key. Now the missing edge goes away.

      - click other edges in the model to add them to the Items To Fillet/Chamfer list.


      This seems like a bug.  Why do I have to click the item TWICE before I can delete it from the list?  Any other program and I could click it once to select it and that's all it takes.