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    "non camera view", gl camera information from API transforms

    Ron Bates

      Sorry for the confusing subject.  While you can have camera features in SW, which expose a number of handy API functions to get the camera features information (like position, direction, etc), there are no equivalents for the standard SW orthographic or perspective views.  But there is of course an openGL camera defined.  Generally speaking, the inverse of the modelview transform, if I"m not mistaken, is the cameras transform in space.


      So IModelView exposes a "Transform" property, but that seems to be for screenspace operations..???  Or am I missing something regarding the definition of the Transform property?


      Then there are also "Translation3" and "Orientation3" and "Scale2" which can be combined into an overall modelview transform... When I attempt to do that, the values I get back for what would describe the opengl camera position, are kind of crazy.  It's REALLY far from the model.


      Now I wouldn't be entirely shocked by this, since the cameras view frustrum, is all that is modified to change the "scale" of the model.  But I wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with this and has confirmed a bullet proof method for getting the standard SW viewports camera information...