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Getting Weight/Volume/CofG for Water in Pressure Vessel

Question asked by Clay Mayo on Jun 4, 2014

I need to get the weight/volume/CofG (w/v/cg) for water in a pressure vessel minus the weight/volume/CofG of all internals. The internals could be any combination of parts and/or assemblies. It would be great if I could get some sort of automatically generated report, or something I could export to excel. My current approach would be to create a part to represent the total w/v/cg of the water via 0 inch offset surfaces of the vessels internal surfaces. I then "save as" the internals assembly file to a part file, add both part files into a new assembly file and use the "cavity" command to cut the internals part from the "water" part. Finally I would use the mass properties command to get all the info I need. I am wondering if anyone out there might have a better approach. I'm trying to balance rebuild times; internals can get large and complex, ease of part creation; I have to consider employee "Skill Set", model stability when doing model edits; I don't want to have to worry about recreating or fixing the "water" and or "internals" parts, and finally accurate and presentable results; the results will likely be referenced by other reports.


Thanxs in advance