Josh Maggert

Mirrored Parts/Configs/Part #'s

Discussion created by Josh Maggert on Feb 23, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2007 by Dwight Livingston
Lets say I am making a box. It has a left side and a right side. They are identical - any holes, features, etc. are common tothe left and right. I draw, extrude, add features, etc to my leftside first. Lets call this part #1 for BOM purposes. Now, can I, inthe same part create my right side as a mirrored body usingconfigs, and have it called out as part #2?? Therefore, when I haveto revise my sides, I only have to do it to the left -- and theright updates b/c it is mirrored.  Is this possible???! And can I have separate drawings for each config?

Thank you in advance!!