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    assembly movement lock up at certain parts

    Jeffri Jamal


      i have a problem with my assembly regarding the knuckle and arm holding the frame to the knuckle .

      at certain point i can only move the assembly only by selecting the knuckle  body, everything moves fine if i select that, but if i select the arm (either upper or lower) i cannot even move anything.This affect my steering assembly too.


      movement 1.JPGhere is the assembly which i attempt to move




      movement 2.JPGselecting the knuckle allows all part to move



      movement 3.JPGif i select the arm, all assembly lock up.


      here is the list of parts i make flexible



      -ball joint (flexible)

      -frame grey colour(rigid)


      were competing as a team this year in FORMULA STUDENT ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION(FSAE) this year.i hope someone can give me an advice.i already search the internet and forums but i got nothing(maybe not the right keyword i think)


      here is my spec

      -solidworks 2013 sp1

      -core 15 first gen 2.4gh

      -nvidia 310m

      -8 Gig ram

      -win7 64bit


      thank you for your time

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          Jamil Snead

          I've had the same thing happen to me before, but unfortunately I don't remember what fixed it. Try supressing and then unsupressing some (or all) of the mates on the moving part. Or try just closing solidworks and opening again.

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              Jeffri Jamal

              hmm,well i tried that before but the problem still persist.i even change the structure of the sub assembly a few times but the result is still the same.i tried it on my office pc and my friend desktop too but to no avail.there is also something that bugs me though, the upper ball joint,when i set it to rigid(most probably the assembly will lock up) but no error come out and the arm can move. when i set the ball joint to flexible(which logically it can move) multiple error comes out and the arm lock up.if you have the time, i can give you

              the file for it,im cracking my head off for this problem.

              what assembly do you have problem before jamil, does it involve something like ball joint?maybe i can pinpoint the part.thxs




              movement 4.JPG

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                  Jamil Snead

                  If you want to attach the file I will take a look at it, although I'm doubtful that I will have any solution. I think just sometimes SolidWorks has trouble figuring out which parts can move. When it has happened to me in the past I never worried about it because as you said you can still make it move if you select certain components (knuckle body), so why not just move it that way?


                  As for the flexible subassembly causing problems I have run into that a lot too. For that I think maybe you just need to suppress and unsuppress mates, or maybe even delete and recreate them. I try to avoid flexible subassemblies as much as possible because in my experience they mess up a lot.