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assembly movement lock up at certain parts

Question asked by Jeffri Jamal on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by Jamil Snead


i have a problem with my assembly regarding the knuckle and arm holding the frame to the knuckle .

at certain point i can only move the assembly only by selecting the knuckle  body, everything moves fine if i select that, but if i select the arm (either upper or lower) i cannot even move anything.This affect my steering assembly too.


movement 1.JPGhere is the assembly which i attempt to move




movement 2.JPGselecting the knuckle allows all part to move



movement 3.JPGif i select the arm, all assembly lock up.


here is the list of parts i make flexible



-ball joint (flexible)

-frame grey colour(rigid)


were competing as a team this year in FORMULA STUDENT ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION(FSAE) this year.i hope someone can give me an advice.i already search the internet and forums but i got nothing(maybe not the right keyword i think)


here is my spec

-solidworks 2013 sp1

-core 15 first gen 2.4gh

-nvidia 310m

-8 Gig ram

-win7 64bit


thank you for your time