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    Centrifugal pump

    Aibolat Dyuisenakhmetov

      Dear All,

      I need your help. At university, we were doing flow simulation of a pump that is used by SolidWorks as validation for the simulation of rotation (SolidWorks Flow Simulation 2013 - Technical Reference). The BC are flowrate at inlet and environmental pressure at outlet. We wanted to calculate its efficiency. We need answer for some questions:

      1) Which parameters do we need to choose to calculate pressure drop?

      2) Which parameter should we use as a convergence criterion?

      3) Why the value of torque do not converge?

      Thank you in advance,


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          Jared Conway

          have you checked the forum? lots of good discussions about this recently


          1) goals at inlet and outlet for static pressure > equation goal for drop/change

          2) inlet/outlet mass flow is a good first step

          3) would need more information, likely mesh is too coarse or bad selections, or your setup is bad


          I would recommend you contact your reseller through your educator to see if they will provide you some technical support and/or training. If that doesn't work, make sure to go through ALL of the tutorials, tech references and solving engineering problems and the solidworks kb.

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              Aibolat Dyuisenakhmetov

              Dear Jared Conway,

              Thank you for the answer. Could you please clarify what you mean by saying that setup is bad? Because I think the mesh is fine enough.

              Also should not we use total pressure at inlet and outlet to calculate pressure drop for the efficiency? Honestly, I do not find SW tutorials on flow simulation very useful but we went through some tutorials like ball valve, centrifugal pump etc.