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Difference in simulation Results for same Frame created using weldments and part model

Question asked by Saggam Ravinder on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2019 by Shawn Mahaney

Dear All,


We are having a confusion here. We Modelled a Sample Frame (refer Picture attached) using weldments, and again modelled the same frame using part features (boss extrudes). With an aim of comparing both simulation resluts. Results are posted below in table format. Now, results are different we are not understading where the differences are coming from. moreover could'nt justify which ones are right. this is simple frame but for an actual real life component this could lead to disaster.


Please help us to justify  which is the right way of doing it. The reason we did this comparision in the first place is because we could apply loads on weldment beams therefore we created our entire model in part model and ran the simulation. Also vonmises stress is not available im weldment, only axial stress and principle stress Then question was raised to compare the results.


Part model ResultWeldment Model result
Deflection0.146 mm0.807 mm
Stress10.2 MPa (Von Mises Stress)9.2 MPa (Axial Stress)