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2012-->2014 Toolbox issues

Question asked by Eric Langford on Jun 2, 2014

Upgrading from 2012 SP3, I'm trying to figure out the changes to Toolbox.  Except for errors of my own creation during the 2012 migration, all toolbox components had functioned as expected with the 2012 toolbox upgrade with hotfix.  Now for 2014 SP3...


First problem is missing part numbers and missing materials.  I have spreadsheets of the configs, but the Material column is apparently no longer properly formatted so it borks the whole part.  Since I'm just upgrading the s/w on a contract basis I don't have the luxury of spending inordinate amounts of time to "adapt" to these new features.  Has SW2014 removed the material column if used for Toolbox, or rather, why are my material assignments not backwards compatible??


New Bitmap Image.png


Second problem is I get duplicate entries in the "Custom Properties" area, as seen in the pic.  WTF??


New Bitmap Image.png


On a side note - the programmer that decided to REMOVE CONFIGS with errors when creating a new design table needs to pull his head out...and then be shot.  There's no other feeling like seeing 20+ configs full of formulas just disappear.


Now I'm trying to add a file, and SW insists on prefixing "steel" to the filename in the customizer tool.  I hate you guys...this is SP3.


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Anyone's input is appreciated,



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