Matt Davis

pdm vault update with task sch. opens multiple windows.

Discussion created by Matt Davis on Feb 22, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by Phil Way
Trying to use task scheduler to update vaulted files to SW2007. I have moved vault to localhost and am logged into vault aspdmwdmin both inside solidworks and the scheduler.  I'veselected a project folder, only update the latest, and have evenopted to only update part files (figured I'd re-run dwgslater).
Scheduled task starts, subtasks show up, etc. etc.
The problem starts once the updating begins.  Each subtaskopens its own instance of SW.  Subtask 1 finishes with areturn of "completed" in the status column of scheduler.2, 3, 4...all fine....15...oops.  It's like computer can'topen any more instances of SW and so I start to see "Failed tostart Macro" errors in the status column of scheduler.  Ican right-click close SW instances in the windows taskbar and Istart to see "completed" subtasks again.

Am I missing a setting or option?

Fresh SW2007 sp0 install off DVD, same with PDM install
dell precision 690
Win XP pro x64
version 2003
service pack 1
2 gig RAM

Thank you for any help.