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Defining Radiation on Solids!

Question asked by Nuno Moita on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello to all,


I am glad to become a part of this community, did not know about this, that certanly helps a lot of people. I am registed as a non-sw users but in the company I do work we do have solidworks.


Well, I have several doubts when using radiation in solidworks flow simulation that the help did not clearly clarify to myself (perhaps to not be native).


- When in the wizard we choose the solid material, it is assume that all the solid will be with considered as the pickup one. eg. Aluminium.

- After, when we then are obey to choose the radiation wall, all the surfaces will be with the pickup surface. So, we should choose to match the aluminium: Aluminium.

(if this is not right, please correct me!)


My question is: If, when defining another material in another solid in the assemly, for example rubber, what will happen to the surface? It will be cleaned or it will be kept as aluminium? I assume it will be clean and then I should select all the faces and select rubber for radiation?

(It is something that is concerning me when using radiation).


Best regards,