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Question asked by Sean Derrick on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by Deepak Gupta

I'm having problems with an animation I am making. Halfway through the video, when I have components start to move, the video becomes choppy and begins flashing black. It particularly happens during the portions of the video when I have sectioned my assembly. Is this due to a graphics issue, or is something going on with the animation due to the section cuts.


I have three cut sections in the assembly. I made them using three components which are hidden. I then assigned a cut feature to them that is deleting chosen components. I move them around during the animation to reveal/hid other components so simulate a fluid.


I'm outputting the AVI video as a 1920x1080 aspect ratio at 8 Frames per.  Microsoft Video compression quality 85. Keying frame every 8 frames.