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    How can I "go back" to a previously saved assembly?

    Scott Smith

      Is there a way to go back to a previously saved assembly and retreve it to make it the 'CURRENT" assembly.

      Would this also bring the parts of the "older" assembly with it? I could do this in AutoCad easily, but there is absolutely no

      help in this area in solidworks.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.  I'll try to answer your question.  If you have a previously saved assembly, you should be able to open it and any features belonging to the assembly should be unchanged (planes, mates, sketches, etc.).  Parts referenced by this assembly are a different story.  If the parts used in this assembly have been edited, then those changes will show up.


          It's for this reason that when I have design changes I frequently use the Pack and Go feature.  That copies an assembly (or drawing), along with all referenced files, to a new folder.  You can then make changes to the assembly and referenced parts with much less chance of making unwanted changes to previous versions.  You can also re-name components as part of the Pack and Go process, which I don't always do, but it will pretty much eliminate any chance of referencing the wrong documents.

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            Jeremy Feist

            if you have the back-ups set up in the system options, you may be able to get back the version you are looking for. otherwise this is what a PDM system is for. in either case you would have  to retrieve the previous versions of the parts and assembly separately (unles they are virtual parts, then they are seved in the assembly file and would come with it).