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    lots of crashes

    Doug Kuhn

      i have 4 seats of Solidworks 2014 that are all upgraded to SP 3.0.    Every single one of them is experiencing a lot of slowness and are constantly crashing.  My computer is well above the minimum requirements for solidworks and my graphics cards are all great and approved for SW 2014. 


      i'm a long time SW user and have grown very frustrated with solidworks because of this issue.

      I gave up sending crash reports every time i crash because it happens so much during the day that i'm wasting time sending reports.


      any ideas why this is happening.  i have reinstalled each seat 2 times and reinstalled my network toolbox 3 times.  there is nothing to repair....  i'm lost, and even though i'm a CSWE, i'm starting to look at other softwares (NX) because solidworks put out another release that doesn't function...but looks cool.


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          Jeff Holliday

          I would suggest getting your SW VAR out to take a look at what is happening.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            Did you perform clean installs? (i.e Completely uninstall previous version before installing new).

            Have you run the SW Rx > Diagnostics tool?

            Can you be more specific about when the crashes occur?

            What type of products are you designing?

            Which OS?

            What type of network?

            Are the cards set to SolidWorks?

            Are you using an Aero theme?

            Are your Power settings set to Performance?

            Is your mains power clean?