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How to delete "hidden" files from vault.

Question asked by Ari Arponen on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by Ari Arponen

Ok, if I remember it right. I had one big assembly, which contains the files which are marked as "hidden" in the vault. Here's a screenshot:




How can I delete these files? I cannot take ownership or do anything else with them. I have not deleted the files manually. I think those files appeared under that project when I deleted the project where the big assembly was. And those files were in use in the assembly J5L001149, shown in screenshot.


One way would be to move the J5L001149 assembly to different project and then delete whole MB3665 TK project? Is there anyway to delete these files? That J5L001149 assembly is the only assembly I want to save from that project.