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    What is the problem here?

    Tarakan Tarakanich



      " Cannot use selection. Allowing this selection would create conflicting contexts. "


      I broke all the references of the green part. They are in the same assembly and I cannot extrude the circle into a cylinder up to the surface where the arrow is pointing.

      (Arrow indicates the top surface of the part, where I clicked.)


      Thank you.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I can think of a couple of possibilities that might help. It may be that the part that the cylinder is being added to has other external references. If so, you can select "Allow multiple contexts for parts when editing in assembly" in Tools/Options/System Options/External References. This should also help if the "broken" external references are somehow still being referenced by SolidWorks. (I seem to recall that others in the forums have suspected that this happens.) If breaking the references doesn't completely eliminate them from SolidWorks' understanding, then another possibility would be to check for external references in the parts and eliminate them by hand. (This also makes sure that you have got them properly re-referenced.)


          Jerry S.