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solidworks Will Not reinstall due to toolbox error

Question asked by Jon Pugh on Jun 1, 2014

hello, the original problem i had with solidworks is when i would open a file it would take for ever to load it and then would freeze. this files where small files and nothing major. i decided to repair solidworks. when i tried to do this the repair manager said it couldn't repair it for some reason. i decided a fresh install would do so i tried to uninstall solidworks in control panel and it said it could not do that either. so I started deleting all Solidworks relating files. I used for a reference on how to do it. know this is the problems i am facing know. when solidwokrs installation manager loads on x86 cd gives me this error "Installation project error: the project file does not exist (C:\Windows\SolidWorks\IM_20130-40300-1100-100\sldim\) Notify your administrator. {14000}". if i say ok and continue with the installation everything runs fine until i get to the very end where i click install. it gives me this error " The installed Toolbox folder cannot be found: C:\SolidWorks Data\. Make sure you have access to this directory. SolidWorks installation or upgrade will fail if Toolbox is not present in  this folder. To resolve this issue, repair the existing installation or select a different  Toolbox option. This condition must be resolved before you can continue." i cannot select a different toolbox option since i have installed it already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Jon.