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    Installing EPDM viewer.

    Jeff Thomas

      We have 5 viewer licenses that are not being used. Is it possible to install EPDM Viewer and Editor programs on the same machine? Basically we want purchasing to use the EPDM Viewer license for 80% of all the work they perform in EPDM and then use the Editor license when they have to add something to the vault. This would help free up some of the license's for others to use. I have not been able to find much information about this.





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          Brian McEwen

          The EPDM client is just one program, and you select the install type and the license type. 


          Easiest way when you install is to use the CAD Editor installation.  Then you can always downgrade it to a Viewer or Contributor License type on that computer later. Whereas if you just install the Viewer you have to do more work later if you want a different license.


          However, it would not be normal to have a variable license type on a given computer, especially for a single user.  It would be  a bother to switch back and forth on license type (need to restart the computer) - it requires using the Admin Tool, but it is easy.


          I think what you want is possible with a "SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Processor License" but those may only be available for large numbers of users.


          Maybe you could start out with just some of the Purchasing folks using a Contributor license, and they can be the designated file adders for that department?