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    Pack & Go Question

    Joey Norton

      Hello everyone,

      I need some help figuring out the best way to implement a solution. As of right now we pack & go existing assemblies and parts and then change the parts created to what is need for the specific job we are working on. When we print out drawings of these items, the drawn by field on the drawing shows the original creator of the item it was pack and go from. We need a way to show the name of the user who pack and go it on the drawings.


      The problem we are having is someone designed a component originally and then someone packs and goes it and changes it to their needs and then sends it out in the shop. Then when the fabricator needs to ask a question or has a problem with it they go and talk to the wrong draftsmen. We are using Enterprise PDM and I would think there should be a way to accomplish this.


      Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you for your time,

      Joey Norton

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          Patrick O'Hern

          I assume you have some custom property somewhere that is driving the Drawn By field in the drawing.  You will need to locate this property and update it.

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            Brian McEwen

            First of all, if you are copying assemblies inside the vault you should be using Copy Tree instead of Pack and Go. 


            In Group/User Settings - there are some settings for Copy Tree - in them you can select values to automatically enter for any variable during the Copy.  However, they are only static text.  But that is one easy step you can start with to either blank out the author name or put in some temporary value (e.g. "copied").


            On your Data Cards Editor you can set the Drawn By field to default to the logged in user. Will it overwrite an existing value during a copy tree?  ...Only if you select Default Overwrites checkbox (which should be an okay system if you are done migrating old files into the vault). 


            Another approach - you can write a simple Distpatch script to set the Drawn By variable to the current user for all selected files (execute from right click menu). 


            And there are probably some other ways to deal with this issue.