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    Overlap an area hatch fill

    Kevin Kappes

      Greetings all, I'm becoming more of a regular here with questions...need to start answering some so I feel like I'm contributing more.


      Our facility layouts are done in Solidworks as a simple 2D drawing.  The floorplan shows machines, pallet spaces, pillars, basically everything you'd see looking down on the facility.  Management has asked me to add pretty colors to certain areas to show what each area is.  Rather than a simple box to bound them, or just changing the line colors for entities in that area, they would like the area to have a filled in square of a set color.  However, if I draw a rectangle and give it an area hatch, it overlaps pretty much all other drawing entities.  Is there a way to put that square and the area hatch behind the other entities?  I thought there would be a way to do it using layers, but either I am misunderstanding how to use them or this does not work.  Is there a way in Solidworks to add this area hatch, and then move it behind all other drawing elements, or would I be better off taking the PDF of the drawing into a PDF editor and creating the layers behind that?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm afraid I can't help with how to handle this in 2D. One workaround would be to make thin Extruded Solids from your sketches. Offset the starting position of the bodies to put some behind the others. Color the bodies.


          Jerry S.

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              Kevin Kappes

              This is a pure drawing file, no actual part with sketches.  I'm starting to believe that this isn't a capability in Solidworks (which would not be a surprise, I really don't see much purpose for this feature aside from this specific instance), so I'm thinking I'm going to use a PDF editing program to add these details to the PDF.  Not perfect, but this is kind of an oddball thing anyway.

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              Jamil Snead

              Using layers worked for me. You might have been thrown off because I think when SolidWorks lists the layers the ones on the bottom are higher up on the sheet. So you want the layer with the fill high up on the list, and anything to be displayed over it to be on a layer lower in the list.