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Variables behaving differently for PDF and SLDDRW/DWG files

Question asked by Melissa Mills on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by Gary Radish

I have created two separate workflows, one for initial release and one for following revisions. The reason for the separate workflows is to keep the approval names and dates for IR and revisions separate on the document and data card.  Each workflow has 18 different permutations of 5 possible discipline approvals.  The 5 disciplines are checkboxes on the data card. The engineer selects the disciplines that need to approve the drawing and it is automatically sent to the correct permutation. Then it goes through a voting system that stamps the data card and automatically returns until all fields for that permutation are stamped.  When they are all stamped it sends the file out automatically to an approval state.  This works in the first workflow but when the document is sent to the second workflow there are two disciplines that are not being “seen” on the drawings only.  The pdf is sent to the correct state.  It is consistently the same two disciplines. If I send the documents to only a combination of the other 3 disciplines it works as expected. I realize more detail may be needed but wanted to get started with this and see if anyone has any ideas.