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    AutoRecover... Is it really worth it?

    Devon Murray

      Solidworks crashes... alot.

      Especially when working with Routing and Large Assemblies, or having more than 6 drawings open at a time...


      But every time it crashes, it will generate "AutoRecover" files that are available when starting again. I'm sure you've all seen these before.


      Every time I try to use one of these AutoRecovers, everything seems to be wrong. References don't work, mates disappear or break that were previously fine.

      Then, after editing for a while, I want to save the AutoRecover and one of 3 things occurs:

      1. Everything is fine, it prompts me to say "You will overwrite the original, are you sure?"
      2. It will throw me to the "C:\...\AutoRecover\" folder instead of my "L:\Project\...\models go here" where the original was from.
      3. It will "Failed to save document" and just refuse to let me save it. Whether it is overwriting the original, a new name, a different folder... Any work I have done simply will not let me save the file. I have to close out of SW entirely so I can go back to the "unsaved original"


      I have resorted to "Just remember to save often, and DON'T EVER CONSIDER USING AUTORECOVER"

      Is this typical of everyone else's experience with this?

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          Joe Kuzich

          Yep.  Autorecover is as useless as teats on a bull.  Nothing but a big joke Dassault must think is funny.  Hey that poor sap just crashed again!  Lets give him false hope and see if we can make him break....  I even hear Beavis and ButtHead laughing going on when they came up with the idea.  I have not gotten an autorecover to work right a single time. 

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            Patrick O'Hern

            The autorecover files do have problems sometimes, especially with assemblies or drawings.  I think that is usually because it gets confused on whether it should reference the original components, or autorecovered components. 


            That being said, autorecover has saved me enough times that it's worth leaving turned on.  The files automatically get deleted when SW is closed normally, so there really isn't any downside to leaving it turned on.


            My recommendation is to always open one file at a time and verify it is correct, then immediately save it.  This will get rid of the "Autorecover" portion of the filename and make sure any references are one again looking at the correct file.  Start with part files, then move on to assemblies, and finally drawings (in that order). 


            One other thing:  If you have autorecover files that you want to check, make a copy of them in a separate folder before working with them.  I don't know how many times I've accidentally closed SW before opening all of my autorecovers and the folder gets cleared out because SW closed "normally".

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              Mark Kaiser

              Some things are left better to do yourself, like save good backup copies somewhere at the end of the day, or when a project is to a point when deemed needed to have a good backup.  Copy and paste a folder of working data files is my preference.

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                Jeff Holliday

                I agree with both Patrick and Mark. Although I wish it worked more reliably, I think it's still better than nothing. Mark is correct, perform frequent backups on your own since you will likely have a good guess when you are approaching a tipping point. Another suggestion would be to work with your VAR to see why you are having so many problems.

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                  Mati Link

                  I find save notification more useful than autorecover. If problem is crashing then deal with crashing. Are you on subscription, can you send logs with RX to VAR for analyzing?


                  Also if you feel could learn something new then go to http://www.solidworks.com/sww/proceedings/proceedings-presentations.htm and search for "large" in any applicable version/year.  Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints is a must.

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                    ömür tokman

                    I do not use Autorecover.

                    it mostly does not work.

                    need to be improved.

                    My SW often don't crashes.

                    I often do ctrl + save.

                    Something I noticed.

                    how much ctrl + save means bigger size. because of that

                    the assembly grows. ctrl + save as build (assembly1, assembly2 ....).

                    so I can continue with the previous one even if a file is corrupted.