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AutoRecover... Is it really worth it?

Question asked by Devon Murray on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by ömür tokman

Solidworks crashes... alot.

Especially when working with Routing and Large Assemblies, or having more than 6 drawings open at a time...


But every time it crashes, it will generate "AutoRecover" files that are available when starting again. I'm sure you've all seen these before.


Every time I try to use one of these AutoRecovers, everything seems to be wrong. References don't work, mates disappear or break that were previously fine.

Then, after editing for a while, I want to save the AutoRecover and one of 3 things occurs:

  1. Everything is fine, it prompts me to say "You will overwrite the original, are you sure?"
  2. It will throw me to the "C:\...\AutoRecover\" folder instead of my "L:\Project\...\models go here" where the original was from.
  3. It will "Failed to save document" and just refuse to let me save it. Whether it is overwriting the original, a new name, a different folder... Any work I have done simply will not let me save the file. I have to close out of SW entirely so I can go back to the "unsaved original"


I have resorted to "Just remember to save often, and DON'T EVER CONSIDER USING AUTORECOVER"

Is this typical of everyone else's experience with this?