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    Issues with dimensioning components created from a part file

    Lenny Dichiara

      Hi All -

      I had a question which hopefully someone can shed some light onto.

      I have created a part file (in this case, it is a key chain) and I am trying to dimension

      the components but I am having no luck getting SW to recognize the lines that I am

      trying to use to dimension my part.

      I think I know the reason why - but not sure if there is a workaround.

      I created the key ring portion of my design using a circle which I then built a helix from and

      did a swept path to create the part.

      Normally what I will do if i have issues referencing a line I'll set a point and create a coincident

      reference on the line with the point but this is not working either.

      I believe it is because the swept lines from the helix is geometry created from two profiles and

      I need to pull the point from an area of the part that has been interpolated.


      Does anyone have any advice on how to get this resolved or is there a way to do it? I would think

      there has to be as all I am trying to get is an overall dimension - very basic stuff.



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          Jamil Snead

          If I understand correctly it sounds like you are making a drawing and trying to dimension the OD of the coil? I think the best solution is in your part to make the circle for the helix match the OD of the coil, and you'd need to adjust the profile sketch so the helix pierces it on the outside, not in the middle. Then in the drawing you can show the helix sketch and dimension to that circle, then hide the sketch.


          Another option, which might be better if you need to dimension the OD and the ID is that you could create a new sketch in the part with circles for the OD and ID. You could dimension these from the helix circle and use an equation to tie the dimensions to the profile radius. Then do the same thing in the drawing where you dimension to the sketch instead of the part geometry.