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    My Viewer Can't See Rev A

    Cherise Fillinger

      Good Afternoon! 


      I have completed a simple workflow for my CNC programers.  The workflow seems to be working great in my testing when logged in as a CNC programmer.  I also have a viewer group with very limited rights.  My viewers can only view documents that are in the state CNC Released.  I am having an issue with my viewers.  My viewers can only see my CNC Released files after they have been rolled to revision B or later.  They can not see revision A.    I have included a screenshot of my flow.  I am not sure what I have negelatected. 


      Thanks in advance.



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          Brian McEwen

          There are a variety of ways to set this up so more detail would be helpful.  It does seem odd that it is just rev A that doesn't work.  One thing that could affect your testing - If you don't clear the cache the tester may only be seeing some files because you Got the files while logged in as an Admin.


          Tim Webb gives a good description of how he likes to control visibility.  This may help Re: How to Block Files when Obsolete?

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              Cherise Fillinger

              I managed to find my problem last night.  When I was moving to CNC Released from CNC development I set the revision to A.  I was not incrementing the revision.  This caused the revision in the vault to show as "A" but when you looke din the file history there was no transition to "A".  I have switched to now increment revision which cause the transition inthe history as well as showing the file as revision "A".  My CNC1 viwer can now see the files.