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Manipulation of line weights, tangent lines in drawings

Question asked by Tim Treybal on May 28, 2014

Are there any old school manual drafters (i.e., pencil on vellum, ink on mylar) out there that take pride in line weights and the appearance of drawings for proper drafting?  I am, and try to incorporate what I can to my SW drawing views.  Question:  Is there a less daunting way to do such things as changing line fonts to outside edges (thicker), inside detailed lines and arcs, threads (thinner), foreground vs. background, and hide only specific tangent edges?

As far as I know, I can change component properties to the whole component only and singularly pick minute lines and arcs to hide or change the line font to .0071 for example  This is a tedious and time consuming task on large drawings.  We print on std 8.5 x 11 paper, so small parts, bolt and fitting threads look like black blobs of ink instead of nicely detailed drafting.  I've gone so far as creating configurations of hardware to eliminate 2/3's of the threads in order for drawings to look clean and professional.

This is particularly important for parts books and product manual illustrations.

What I'd like to do is cross-pick, lasso or somehow grab multiple line segments at a time.  A setting for outer/inner edges of parts and assemblies would be great.

Attached is an effort to show a small example of what I'm talking about.