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read only access to library features in weldments profile folder?

Question asked by Dave Krum on May 28, 2014
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Good morning all,

I'm having an issue that I just noticed when trying to modify a library feature in the weldment profiles folder.  Its throwing an error that the "part is not available for write access" and no modifications can be made to the existing part if trying to save.  I need to add an extra point to the structural shape profile and then save as a new file but it will only allow me to save outside of this folder for some reason.  I can do this, but when I go to drag the new file back into this folder (to keep all my profiles organized in one folder instead of having an additional file location to search in), it will not allow this either as it is write protected.  I cannot recall changing any settings but I know I was able to change stuff on the library sketches in the past and save in the same folder.  Any ideas?  I checked for past threads on this forum and only saw one with no resolution.  I cannot find the link to the thread again as I'm at work and I saw it last nite.



Thanks in advance.