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migrating 2 parts in as rev A and rev B under the same part number

Question asked by Travis Ward on May 28, 2014
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Since we just started using enterprise PDM, we have some files from the past that were saved, with the same file name, but in different folders: rev A, rev B, rev C, etc.


I'd like to 1 by 1 add these into the vault, but have them all be new revisions of the same file. Is this possible? I have a workflow that allows me to set the revision number on a part. The problem is I copy/paste the first part and check in then work it through and set to Rev A. Then I copy/paste the second part into the same folder, but I can't set it to the same file name as the first part. All I'm able to do is set the revision to B.


Anyone know how to get around this issue?