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Solidworks with pdm is working very slow

Question asked by Huma Andrei on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by Brian Hoerner

Hello guys,


When I open an large assembly form PDM I have to wait a very long time (about 30 minutes).

This is acceptable if the large assembly is opened for  the first time, but when the assembly is loaded in to the workspace this shouldn't happened.


Also when the assembly is finally opened I can not do anything because the solid works is working very slow.

If I want to open a simple part from the assembly that is already opened I have to wait another 20 minutes.


I spoke with my IT guys and they restarted the server and nothing was changed.


After several attempts I discover that if I clean my workspace and restart the server, I still wait 30 minutes for a large assembly to download from the PDM but if I try to open a simple part the waiting time is reduced to 15 seconds.


If I close all the parts and the assemblies and try to open again the time increase to 25 minutes per assembly and 20 minutes per part.


Does anyone encounter this behavior on PDM and solid works?

I do not want to clean my workspace and restart the server every time when the solidworks is closed.


Can anyone came up with a solution for this problem?