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EPDM on virtual server

Question asked by John Giordano on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Brian Titus

I am understanding from posts and forums that it seems EPDM in a virtual world is not the best idea from a performance standpoint. Note that I am not talking about using any virtual Windows 7 or 8 workstations to run the SW client and that this discussion is purely for a successful installation and operation of Enterprise PDM on a virtual server connected to physical workstations running SW14. Can anyone answer the following:


  1. What is the final word from SW concerning EPDM running off a virtual server?
  2. One of the reasons for wanting to get EPDM on a virtual server is that I have noticed that EPDM’s utilization on our current physical server is around 10 - 15% and I want to be smarter about under-utilized resources. If it is not recommended to install on a virtual server then what is the end all be all perfect mix server platform for EPDM?
    • Server OS? I want tried and true and tested. I also want to stay current with my server OS’s at the same time. But if it means that 2012R2 is sketchy at best, I don’t want anything to do with it.
    • Server hardware? I don’t want minimum requirements here. I want what use guys with specifics like Xeon vs. other Xeons, spindle drives vs. SSDs, and best RAID setup to maximize I/O’s.
    • Connected workstations? Again, no minimum requirements. I want what you guys use. What video cards ACTUALLY work ALL the time? SSD vs spindle? Xeon vs. i7? And please no one send me a link to the SW supported video card section of the site. We all know its there and that half those cards don't actually perform well.


Thanks in advance for any advice.