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Edit a part direct and ONLY in an Assembly?

Question asked by Brian Corbin on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Hi Guys,


I have a range of standard products finished design in SWX they use a lot of tabled design drawings etc to cover various sizes and all is good and working on that front.


Now I want other users here to be able to insert the assemblies into their projects and size them to suit (almost infinate range of sizes) I dont want/need them to edit anything to do with the original files as they are finished and complete, but "pictorially" in their designs they must look like the right size. Of course since their is multiple sizes I have only designed one, and used tabled drawings to cover a vast range of sizes so their is no "standard configuration" of the size they will need in a particular project.


What I would ideally like to do show is insert the size assembly you need, then WITHOUT editing the base assembly or base parts, just be able to use something like an assembly "Move Face" command that will just stretch a couple of faces a certain distance. These faces are "streched" only at the assembly level andthe original files as not edited or changed in any way. That would be perfect!


Trouble is I cant see any way to do that? I only see in an assembly ways to remove material Cut,Holes etc


Is there any way in SWX to achieve this? It will be a real pain to make an infinate number of variations if not..... :-( and I am hesitant to let everybody edit the "standard" drawings as and when required.




Brian (SWX learner, Inventor Expert)