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Why does not work a  design table ??

Question asked by Masoud Hezari on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by Masoud Hezari

I design a table for diffrent configurations of simple valves after "check in" the final designed  part in EPDM.I requested for checking and approval part in system.

after while I tried to add some rows and colums to initial table .it was crasy but nothing happened.

no change is possible I checked out ,check in many times use diffrent format of cell for table.

nothing happened.

Beceause i did n't see such crasy thing before.each time i chenged table and go out i recieved a message nothing chenge to this table.

At end i understand i should do my change by go to add new configuration ,no other way to use table (check attached photo).

Additionaly,i used all tick for design table option nothing happened.


some body can help me why this happened