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    General queries in setting solidworks simulation

    Sharath Kumar Ananda Kumar

      Hello All,



      I have the following questions regarding solidworks simulation. It would be of great help if you could help me with these questions.


      1. Is the non-linear dynamic analysis in solidworks explicit or implicit? Is there a way to do non linear analysis with explicit analysis in solidwroks?


      2. Can a body be defined "as an analytical surface as in abaqus" in solidworks simulation?


      3. if there are two parts, one requiring solid mesh and another requiring shell mesh. Can the two parts be joined into a single part by joining the nodes at the interface?



      Thanks in advance




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          Bill McEachern
          1. generally it is implicit. Apparently you can do explicit but I do not have a lot of information on this. I believe the explicit method is invoked if you select the central difference method of time intergration in an NL Dynamic simulation. I think this is what is used in the drop test studies. I have not tried this in recent memory. If you want to do an experiemnt try a drop test problem and then set up the exact same problem as an NL dynamics problem. Use the time step and other information from the drop test and see if you can make it work. There is not a lot of help on this and picking an appropriate time step will be one the key things that makes a difference between success and failure.
          2. Not to my knowledge.
          3. Yes, just use a bonded contact.
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            Kumar Dandapani

            Hi Ananda Kumar,


            1. By default  Nonlinear Dynamic analysis in solidworks Simulation will follow the Implicity Analysis (Newton Raphson Method).


            If you want to select Explicity Analysis then From the Study Propeties - Select Advanced options - select Iterative Technique, from drop down - select Modified Newton Raphson Method. In solidworks Newton Raphson Method Follow the Implicity Analysis, Modified Newton Raphson Method Follow the Explicity Analysis.


            2. No idea about comparing Abaqus and Solidworks Simulation.


            3. Define Bonded Contact Between Shell and Solid Surface using Component contact and Contact set. Any one Method but most suitable use Contact set option to define local contact between shell and solid.Thanks



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              Jared Conway

              These are good questions. But what problem are your running into? Or what type of problem are you trying to solve.